Monday, October 27, 2008

We'll be in Wilbur on Nov. 15

The craft fair season for 2008 is coming to a close soon. We'll be at Sokol Hall in Wilbur, NE on Sat, Nov 15. So, if your supply of Katie's handmade soap is getting a little low, or you need Christmas gifts, I hope you'll visit us there.

I'm unveiling Katie's Lotion with Aloe & Shea Butter in several scents - Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Lilac, Vanilla Lavender, a combination of Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Myrrh & a few others. This is a wonderfully rich & moisturizing lotion that absorbs really quickly into your skin without feeling oily.

Katie's been busy working on some luxury foot-care products as well. One is a scrub that doesn't leave behind any messy oils on you or your sink or tub. It's scented with the cool & fresh scents of mint & citrus.

To follow up the exfoliating scrub, is an ultra-moisturizing cream made with goat's milk. Why goat's milk? Goat's milk is gentler to the skin, contains caprylic acid which reduces alkalinity to balance the ph of your skin & nourishes it with vitamin A & several B vitamins.

Katie's new lotions & creams don't contain any mineral oils (petroleum products) to clog your pores. All the oils are vegetable oils & are light & quickly absorbed into your skin, so there's no greasy feel.